Título da Tese Autor Supervisores
The functional crosstalk of proteolytic systems and metabolism in acute myeloid leucemia Ângela Margarida Alves Fernandes Paula Cristina Costa Alves Monteiro Ludovico
Agostinho Albérico Rodrigues Carvalho
Tau (mal) function in brain plasticity and pathology - a gateway beyond Alzheimer's Disease Joana Margarida Gonçalves Mota Silva Ioannis Sotiropoulos
Nuno Jorge Carvalho de Sousa
New insights on the interplay between psychopharmacology and neuroplasticity in psychiatric disorders Mónica Susana Dias Morais João Miguel Seiça Bessa Peixoto
Nuno Jorge Carvalho de Sousa
Cognitive functioning from normal aging to mild cognitive impairment: combining rapid cognitive testing and informant reports to improve screening in clinical and research contexts Teresa de Jesus da Costa Castanho Nadine Correia Santos
Nuno Jorge Carvalho de Sousa
The impact of non-coding alterations in glioma: hints from HOTAIR and the TERT promoter Ana Xavier Silva de Magalhães Bruno Filipe Marques Costa
Nuno Jorge Carvalho de Sousa
Adult neural plasticity in the pathophysiology of depression: new insights from an animal model ofrecurrence Nuno Dinis Lopes Oliveira Alves Luísa Alexandra Meireles Pinto
Nuno Jorge Carvalho de Sousa
Monocarboxylate Transporters (MCTsJ in breast cancer aggressiveness: therapeutic targeting and regulatorymechanisms Luísa Filipa Morais dos Santos Maria de Fátima Monginho Baltazar
Céline Marques Pinheiro
Remodeling of medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC) glutamatergic pathways in experimental monoarthritis: role of theventral mPFC in descending nociceptive modulation Ana Carla David Pereira Filipa Santos Costa Pinto Ribeiro Lacerda
Armando Alberto Nova Pinto Almeida
Neurobiological basis ofanxiety and social behaviors Sónia Maria de Sousa Borges Ana João Gomes Rodrigues
José Miguel Gomes Moreira Pêgo
Dissecting Lipocalin-2 as a novel modulator ofbrain processes Ana Catarina Oliveira Ferreira Fernanda Cristina Gomes Sousa Marques
João Carlos Cruz Sousa
The engagement of medical students and graduates in scientific research and leadership: the role of individual characteristics Ana Paula Salgueira Rodrigues Manuel João Tavares Mendes Costa
Patrício Ricardo Soares Costa
Deciphering the genetic basis of intellectual disability through unbiased genomic approaches Fátima Daniela Teixeira Lopes Patrícia Espinheira Sá Maciel
Jacques L. Michaud
Functional and genetic analysis of sexual reproduction in the thermodimorphic fungal pathogen Paracoccidioides spp. Jéssica Angélica Rezende Gomes Fernando José Santos Rodrigues
Marcus Sturme
Interplay between molecular and cellular players on glioma pathophysiology Joana Isabel Martins Cosme Vieira de Castro Bruno Filipe Marques Costa
António José Braga Osório Gomes Salgado