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 Medical Education Unit

The Medical Education Unit (UEM) administratively supports and monitors the quality of the Medical degree. Essentially, the UEM accompanies and seeks to streamline all aspects of the course, from research into educational practices and support management and implementation of the medical degree. The UEM is a multidisciplinary team accessible to the whole community of School of Medicine.
UEM's mission encompasses four main vectors:
1. Administrative - implementation, enforcement and improvement of routine procedures related to the organization, operation and management of the teaching/learning process; 
2. Quality assurance - data collection and production of annual reports for self-evaluation of the medical school; consulting and improvement of processes and curricular evaluation instruments; consulting and educational training of faculty and collaborators in teaching; collection of students' assessments relating to the operation of the teaching activities of the School of Medicine in its various aspects: curricular areas, quality of faculty, seminars and tutors/services; 
3. Communication - organization of visits and external disclosure of the School of Medicine in its educational aspects; presentation of the project and educational practices of the School of Medicine abroad (in Symposia, Conferences, etc.); 
4. Investigation and Development - research in Medical Education; Longitudinal Study of School of Health Sciences (ELECSUM) of lifelong professional follow-up of graduates in medicine from the School of Medicine; development of clinical skills in the Clinical Simulation laboratory of the School of Medicine; collaboration with the Faculty of the the School of Medicine in research projects on their teaching activity (Scholarship of Teaching and Learning); participation in collaborative projects and in national and international networks of Education (medical).