Welcome to the School of Medicine of the University of Minho, a space of liberty, diversity, which open opportunities to the curiosity, a place where information is converted into knowledge, levering technical and professional autonomy to all those who graduate and differentiate in our School.

In Minho region, the School of Medicine and its research institute, hospitals and affiliated health units have international recognition in their main missions – teaching, research and clinical practice. For the School of Medicine, these aims are connected, supporting our strategy in promoting with tenacity teaching and research contributing by this way for knowledge generation, improvement of clinical practice and providing new solutions and hope for the patients.

A significant proportion of our students choose the School of Medicine of the University of Minho as first option, and data from the National Examination (PNA) to access the training medical internships places the students of our School as the highest ranked. This gives us confidence that our Medical Doctors have high training to carry out their mission with terrific quality and professionalism.

In postgraduate differentiation, we achieved expertise and recognition in different biomedical areas, namely in immunology and infection, neurosciences, population health and surgical sciences. This differentiation delivers to our postgraduate students a robust scientific background and skills determining a high rate of employment in companies, universities and research institutes.

The School of Medicine aware of the continuous evolution of medicine and clinical practice resulting from the contribution of the different fields of science and expertise, offers more and more opportunities to all those who want to modulate their training and differentiation, whether in the pre-graduate through MinhoMD either after graduation through our high-quality PhD, MSc and advanced courses programs that attract researchers and clinicians from all over the world.

Encouraged by this enthusiasm, various organizations with biomedical activity collaborate to give identity to the research cluster of the School of Medicine, expanding the possibilities where learning takes place with high scientific standards and firm deontological standards.


We do this with commitment to gather reasons for the School of Medicine to be a public institution worthy of the respect of our students and pride of our society.

Jorge Correia-Pinto, MD, PhD

President of the School of Medicine of UMinho