Our mission, to improve healthcare through training and knowledge generation, is to build a dynamic and vibrant scientific-pedagogical community. Here each individual finds his space and his mission in the construction of the institution's mission. It was, it is, and it always will be our policy: the conscious and patient conviction of a social mission, of service to those in need of healthcare, in respect for individual development.

We were entrusted with the mission of training competent doctors. We accept. We do it. And we responsibly and consciously comply with that mission from the first to the last moment. We prepare competent doctors in the field of knowing, knowing how to do and knowing how to be. We help to build the doctors the country needs. With high standards, with rigor, with passion!

The acquisition of competences for the future exercise of medicine is clearly a task of enormous responsibility for the individual, for his institution and for society. This complexity is even greater because it occurs in an environment of enormous turbulence generated by the continuous addition of new knowledge and challenges of clinical practice. Today's "uncertainty" is tomorrow's "certainty", but it's no less true that today's truth it will be questionable tomorrow. Hence, the level of accuracy in verifying the acquisition of clinical competencies, which focus on performance, is a task that requires enormous demands. What surely persists in each of our graduates is clinical competence, ensuring correct clinical judgment in any context.

The school accepted the challenge of innovating; and innovated in its philosophy and politics. We created: multidisciplinary functional units; multicenter affiliations; responsibilities beyond graduation; a biomedical research unit integrated in the Medical School; partnerships that foster clinical research. We stick to the principle that "There is no Medical School without research, there is no (bio)medical research without training".

The pursuit of the Mission certainly implies the renewal of the fiduciary responsibility of consolidating the vectors and lines of force essential for the development of the School of Medicine of University of Minho project, which is based on stability in the founding commitments of its project. But it also implies, in a combination of strategic perspectives, the incorporation of new pillars of development, including: renewal of the pedagogical philosophy in a competency-centered curriculum, patients and health systems; assumption of responsibilities in healthcare management and continuing medical education; promotion of new management models and integrated sustainability. And so, new goals and new challenges anticipate for the School of Medicine project.

The vision is to make our school an international reference in its multiple dimensions, assuming the responsibility of being the pivot of a health cluster.

Because the mission of a Medical School is to promote Health and to serve People, People who are, or will be, Sick. Thus fulfills our mission!