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The School of Medicine is an organic unit of the University of Minho, created to ensure graduate and postgraduate education, research and other specialized services within the Health Sciences domain.

The central project of the School is the Medical Degree, which has an innovative curriculum design. This curriculum, that covers all the major topics in Medicine, follows a bio-psycho-social integrated perspective, according to the recommendations of the majority of National and International medical education committees.

Those who graduate in Medicine at the University of Minho have very positive results in international assess​ments that compare medical schools and since the School's foundation they have the best average grades in the national exam to access the medical residency.

The School also ensures postgraduate education and training in the area of Health Sciences, as well as, an innovative modular organization in advanced courses, bearing in mind a lifelong training, allowing the accumulation of credits for obtaining a formal degree.

University education is, by nature, based on scientific research. Research and development activities, to be promoted in the Life and Health Sciences Research Institute, are also an essential component of the mission of the School.

​Finally, it is part of the mission of the School of Medicine, in its interaction with the society and in line with a major recommendation of the World Health Organization, to contribute to the global awareness that health is a value to preserve, namely through the engagement of individuals in a process of mobilization for the maintenance of health of everyone.