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​The School of Medicine includes in its mission the responsibility to contribute for advanced training in the areas of medicine and biomedicine. This is achieved through the following programs:

- Advanced courses: an annual program of short courses (1-6 weeks) and workshops (1-few days) aimed at health professionals and biomedical researchers. Some of these courses are part of the Master or PhD degrees.

- Master in Health Sciences:
a two-year full-time master program (120 ECTS) committed to the acquisition of skills within the fundamentals of several biomedical scientific areas and the development of lab and research competences.

- PhD in Medicine, PhD in Health Sciences, PhD in Chronic Diseases and Ageing:
three-year (180 ECTS) or four-year (240 ECTS) full-time PhD programs (or part-time lasting longer).

These programs may include specific study plans within the business environment and/or in collaboration with other institutions. They can also benefit from specific funding for scholarships (this information can be consulted on the programs' webpage).

All these programs include national and international lecturers. Plus, there are more than 1000 participants from several nationalities attending, yearly, the courses provided at the School of Medicine and sharing their experience and motivation.