The School of Medicine at University of Minho was founded in 1999 as the School of Health Sciences. The ceremony of its 16th anniversary took place on October 10th 2016 and it marked the change of name to School of Medicine.

The medical degree started in the academic years of 2006/2007 and the first doctors' graduation was in 2006/2007. This was celebrated on October 8th 2007 – the inaugural class had happened six years earlier, on this same day.

The School of Medicine is characterized by its own culture, promoting values and organization. Its identity is described by solidarity and cohesion, the culture of evaluation and transparency and social responsibility.

Solidarity and cohesion:
The School of Medicine takes pride in the promotion of a spirit of collaboration among the professionals involved in education projects – faculty, staff, students and clinicians who collaborate in teaching activities – and research – career researchers, employees, fellows, interns and visiting scholars. At the organizational level, the School of Medicine encourages interdisciplinary cooperation in many ways, either in research or in teaching activities. As a result, the School of Medicine is a functional unit where the sub-structuring was done in only four scientific areas.

The absence of departments promotes the interaction between faculty members, and the connection between teaching and researching happens at several levels. An example would be the research projects developed by medical students at the ICVS.


Evaluation culture:
The evaluation is seen as an essential part of the School of Medicine and there are several internally performed periodic mechanisms for this effect. The students' assessments of every aspect of their experience at the School of Medicine and the establishment of an internal framework that guides the objectives and conditions necessary to the career advancement of its faculty are two examples.

The monitoring of both the School of Medicine and ICVS by International Commissions constituted by nationally and internationally renowned experts is a fundamental initiative to its constant update.


Transparency and social responsibility:
It is our understanding that medical schools should be accountable to the society for the quality of their work. Every year, the School of Medicine collects self-assessment elements that are made available on this website as annual or bi-annual reports. The School also presents its educational results at the undergraduate level at international meetings of experts in the field of Medical Education.