The use of ultrasound as a diagnostic and intervention tool in clinical settings has witnessed an exponential growth in the last years. Currently, the vision is that ultrasound will rapidly replace traditional methods such as the use of a stethoscope, allowing to see what once was heard.

The ultrasound competency is traditionally acquired during post-graduate training by specific medical specialties (e.g. imageology) or due to the specific use of ultrasound in certain procedures (e.g. cardiology, obstetrics). There is a growing need by other medical specialties to use ultrasound, namely, anesthesiology, internal medicine, intensive care and physiatry, to aid in the diagnostic and intervention – Point-of Care Ultrasound. For these specialties, training opportunities are scare and typically are based in immersion courses that provide a rapid acquisition of skills but with limited sustainability in time.

The CUTP aims to provide a longitudinal approach to the training of ultrasound practice for these professions.