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​The School of Medicine, University of Minho announces that the list of mandatory procedures and documents to request certification of the Medical Degree according to the Portuguese law ("Equivalência ao Grau de Mestre em Medicina") is now available for 2018. Ap​plication period ends 12 November 2018.


Useful links (in Portuguese):



Application Documents

Declaration of consent

Contact details

Lista provisória de candidatos admitidos ao Exame Escrito - Edição 2018

Lista definitiva de candidatos admitidos ao Exame Escrito - Edição 2018

Exame Equivalência - Exame Escrito Informações

Pauta Provisória - Exame Equivalência: Exame Escrito


NOTE: The verification of the documentation delivered is not carried out at the time of the application. The verification is carried out at a later stage. In this regard we recommend the careful verification of the documents that are delivered.

Documentation Missing / Withdrawn 

If any missing documentation is found, you will be contacted by the services to deliver this documentation. 

In the event of non-delivery of mandatory documentation until November 12, 2018, your application is voided. 

In case of withdrawal of the application, the amount paid is not refunded.


For more information contact:

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