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 Curricular Units Coordinators

Degree in Medicine:
  • Introduction to the Medicine Degree: Manuel João Costa
  • Molecules and Cells: Paula Ludovico
  • Functional and Organic Systems I: Carla Rolanda
  • Functional and Organic Systems II: Patrícia Maciel
  • Functional and Organic Systems III: João Sousa
  • Option Project I: Fernando Rodrigues
  • Option Project II: Adhemar Longatto
  • Option Project III: Filipa Ribeiro
  • Option Project - Final Project: Tiago Gil Oliveira 
  • Health Center Residency: Andreia Eiras
  • Family, Society and Health I: John Yaphe
  • Family, Society and HealthII: John Yaphe
  • First Aid: José Miguel Pêgo
  • Vertical Domains I: Cecília Leão
  • Vertical Domains II: Cecília Leão
  • Vertical Domains III: Cecília Leão
  • Vertical Domains IV: Cecília Leão
  • Vertical Domains V: Cecília Leão
  • Biopathology and Introduction to Therapeutics: Carlos Capela
  • Introduction to Clinical Medicine: Vítor Hugo Pereira
  • Introduction to Community Health: Pedro Pereira
  • Health Center Residency I: Luís Figueiredo
  • Health Center Residency II: Cláudia Bulhões
  • Health Center Residency - Final Training: Pedro Fonte
  • Medicine Residency I: Nuno Sousa
  • Medicine Residency II: Nuno Sousa
  • Surgery Residency: Nuno Sousa
  • Maternal and Child Health Residency: Jorge Correia Pinto
  • Clinical Neurosciences: João Bessa
  • From Clinic to Molecular Biology I:  Nuno Sousa
  • From Clinic to Molecular Biology II: Nuno Sousa
  • From Clinic to Molecular Biology ​III: Nuno Sousa
  • Optional Residency: Pedro Morgado
  • Hospital Residencies - Final Training: Nuno Sousa
  • Foundations of Medicine: Gil Castro​
  • Community Health and Social and Human Sciences: Patrício Costa