Single-cell genomics has recently emerged as a revolutionary approach to study the gene expression and the epigenome of individual cells. Therefore, it has shaped our understanding of cellular heterogeneity and it has become a powerful tool to find previously unknown cellular states and populations. 

While this field is rapidly evolving within the single-cell genomics community, the lack of expertise on these approaches hinders many Institutions and laboratories to take the leap. This practical course will empower researchers to start applying this technology in their labs by teaching the basics of single-cell/nucleus genomics. Using an accessible and widespread droplet system, we will demonstrate the basics of singlecell genomics and perform the most common applications: single-cell and nucleus RNA-sequencing and single-cell ATAC-sequencing, from sample preparation to the computational analysis. We will outline the benefits and applications from this approach, as well as the bottlenecks and the tools to overcome them.

This course does not provide credentials for the exercise of medicine for those without appropriate training, recognition and registered at the "Ordem dos Médicos" or international equivalent institutions. ​