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The Life and Health Sciences Research Institute (ICVS) was created in 2003 and aims at improving human health through outstanding life-science research, cutting-edge medical innovation and delivery of specialized services.
The ICVS is a R&D Unit incorporated in the School of Medicine (EM) - University of Minho, strategically located in the Northern region of Portugal within a fast growing Cluster of Biomedical Science, Technology and Healthcare institutions, being organized around four interdisciplinary Research Domains: Microbiology and Infection, Neurosciences, Surgical Sciences, and Population Health.
The ICVS integrates the ICVS/3B's - Associate Laboratory, which results from a strategic partnership consolidated over the years with the 3B's Group – Biomaterials, Biodegradables and Biomimetics, and is a member of the Clinical Academic Centre – Braga, Association (2CABraga).
The ICVS has an overall area of approximately 6000 m2. Its technological platform consists of high standard laboratories, with state-of-the-art scientific equipments for areas such as Cell and Tissue Culture, Electrophysiology, Biosafety Level 2 and 3, Molecular Biology, Imagiology, Microscopy Imaging, Neuroanatomy/Neuroimaging, Histology, Biological Resources, Cytometry, Endoscospy as well as a fully equipped Centre for Animal Experimentation including areas for behavioural studies, experimental infections and surgical techniques.
More than 250 researchers with complementary academic backgrounds are presently working at the ICVS. The biomedical, translational and clinical research results in more than 100 publications/year in international top-level scientific journals. Many of the ICVS researchers, including young scientists and MDs, have been honoured with awards for their scientific achievements.